Thursday, March 30, 2017

CHESS organises Summer Schools in Economics and Philosophy in San Sebastian, Spain.

Dates of the next school: TBC

The Summer Schools aim to bring together graduate students with scholars from economics, philosophy and neighbouring disciplines in order to exchange ideas, build a community and help to further establish ‘economics and philosophy’ as an independent and diverse research field consisting of economic methodology, history of economic thought, rational choice theory, ethical aspects of economics, and the intersections of these areas. They are meant to complement other events in the area of ‘Economics and Philosophy’, such as the annual International Network for Economic Method (INEM) research conference in that it provides an outlet to attract beginning graduate students to the philosophy of economics and offers a much-needed opportunity for graduate training in this highly diverse field.

The Summer Schools focus on graduate student instruction. Invited scholars will give short courses on topics they specialise in and that fall within the confines of economics and philosophy broadly construed. The short courses will feature mixture of lecture-style and seminar-style formats, and additional panel discussions as well as training sessions will round off the programme.

Venue: Palacio de Miramar, San Sebastian, Spain

Previous Summer Schools

  • INEM/CHESS Summer School in Philosophy and Economics 2014 “Agency, Policy and the Future of Macroeconomics: A Summer School in Economics and Philosophy”
    For details, see here.
  • Urrutia Elejalde Summer Schools (1998-2012)
    For more details, see here.

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